The Drunk

Written by: Robyn-Jade Hosking

I see him on days
As I walk from school
Weighted with books + facts + insecurities
Feet moving to the rhythms in my head
A thousand songs
Illustrating the world in slabs of impressionist paint

And then he is there

Jerky movements invading my mind
Shouted expletives aimed not at the crowd
That shies from this desperate drunk
But at unknown enemies
That he fells with a frantic blow
He topples
Falls again

The sane wrinkle their noses

And he is gone
Just another madman
Another drunk
Another dreg
Scum, trash, refuse
Suffocating society
Nothing lingers but the stench of his fear
Not alcohol
Nor cloying smoke that haunts my soul
Just whispered warnings to secret friends

Move along
Move along
Scream a thousand songs
There is nothing left to see