Just For Today

Written by: Robyn-Jade Hosking

They gave me a pamphlet
Small and white and marked
With a square in a circle
(like me with pegs)

No key ring
There were not enough
See how popular the group has grown
And they hugged me
One by one, almost

I tried so hard not to be tense

Keep coming back
They said
Confirming my worth
Unnecessarily (I know it)

I would have liked a key ring
Look how brave I am

And at the end
We held hands
Chanted words of strength and fellowship
I felt like a phony

What right had I to join the circle?
A square in a circle
(keep coming back)

I cried that night
Alone with my pillows

Restore me to sanity
One night, maybe two
No commitment, please!

It’s just for today
(welcome back)