Written by: Cristyna Small

In my head, a place within, There’s something hiding beneath my skin. Screaming, Yelling, Silently guiding…. My thoughts not my own, Crawling inside, Another Voice whispers you’re all alone This trains running off the Rails. EMPTY, BROKEN, LOST, Look around you nothing but lies Everything Ends ~ here tonight. Scream louder They never hear Everything you ever feared Comes crawling From the darkness tonight Listen when they speak Can you hear the lies? You're empty, Useless; Weak I see it in your eyes. You tell yourself ~ I'm not real TRY To run, But everywhere you turn You hear my voice Scream louder They’ll never hear Cry, Scream, Try in vain Nothing Will stop this pain, Lie to yourself One more time It might come true. Or Face the truth Deep inside, You know I'm you.