A Christmas Prayer

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

Children rushing down the stairs To see if Santa left them toys Mom and Dad follow sleepily (They were awakened by the noise!) Shouts of glee and laughter Ring out in early morn As ribbons are untied And wrapping paper torn Stockings hang from chimneys With candy and fruit galore As they fill their little tummies Till they can eat no more But there is no joy in troubled lands Where children live in fear And soldiers, apart from loved ones Carry on and persevere Dodging bullets from the enemy Patrolling the desert in the night They won’t have a Merry Christmas They aren’t home tonight So let this be our Christmas Prayer “Dear Lord in Heaven above Let there be Peace on Earth Keep safe all those we love!
For Linda Marie's contest Holiday Hearth Copyright© 2003 Beatrice Boyle (All rights reserved)