Disguising fear

Written by: Leonard Taormina

So eventually you get tired;
Tired of trying to wade through all the muck;
And mire that constitutes what has to be a hopeless cause.
And so you just submit to what appears to be inevitable.
        And the pieces splinter off;
        So that once again chaos diverts into;
        Yet another adaptation of yet;
        Another message never sent.
And that which is me and;
That which carries through my veins
Must face the probability that we may well;
Be interfaced out of existence
         So fate plays out as it will;
          For I am no longer willing
         To participate in likeness;
         To methods designed to dehumanize 
And the taught importance of love to the young may become;
Valued by the ability to meet mandatory expectations
So that if any fail to keep the balance they may well;
Be deemed unnecessary and denied acknowledgement