I Traveled Inside Your Heart

Written by: Angelie Acapuyan

It started when I loved you
But the end seems uncertain because I still love you.
There were violins on the background while I walk
Inside and inspect your heart so frightened
To tell something's wrong so I can comfort, but there was none.
To its north is a longing for someone you wouldn't seek
But you dearly love, and you just missed.
Somewhere in the west lies your pains
Which, like a disease, I refuse to touch
But there is time who nurses your life back.
So I went to the east to find the unforgettable:
The happiest and saddest moments;
The things that make you as you are.
There is a fountain of tears at the center, so I stopped and drank.
The south is a small and hollow space
With just a small empty chair where I sat and rested,
Waiting for you to knock on its door to find me.
Still staring at the door, will you come and embrace me?