Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

Hear I sit in a house with a person who came in as a spouse...still not sure why they continue to remain here? They say they came for love, but with each passing year we become more and more like strangers.  Two shadows that pass in the light of a window, very few words ever spoken between us. Our bed is colder than the coldest day of the year in the North Pole, two empty shells with nothing left in them. How, I long for a warm embrace or a small smile from a happy face...I long to feel a touch that is both mutual and heartfelt with a warm tenderness that makes you take a deep breath. With someone who shares my heart’s desire and who shares my future dreams and wishes... someone that I could cuddle with when the weather takes a turn for the worse. My time here on earth is winding and as with all things in life, we all must past…our time due is near. How my heart aches to think that my last days on earth would be spent living in a relationship void of love.