Confession to a Bartender

Written by: Janette Fisher

He would sit on the same stool everyday
And watch, as I tended bar
Conversation flowing between us
As I kept refreshing his jar
At the end of my shift, I’d sit with him
And we’d put the world to right
Forgetting the world around us
Talking ‘til well into night
Days became weeks, weeks became months
Our friendship growing strong
Then one day he made the confession
That his heart, to me, did belong
That we were meant to be together
Since the day I walked into his life
And down on one knee, he asked me
If I would consider becoming his wife
Although now passed on, I couldn’t have asked
For a husband more loving, or tender
Or the twenty five years of wedded bliss
From his ‘Confession to a bartender’.

For Natalie The Rogue Rhymer's contest