by the looks of yesterday you people have not learned a thing by a disciple of Beaudlair like me

Written by: jeffry cohan


For what it’s worth
I’m  feeling as if I’m stranded upon this earth
A place where half-wits ain’t got even half a brain
yet they’re telling me they see the sun when it’s really the rain

People who think I have time for their asinine advice
Well I’d rather be anywhere else and lose when I'm rolling the dice
Because that’s not why I’m stranded on earth just to hear their verbal bullsh*t
The ones who instead of preaching to me should learn how to knit

That would be more constructive then the mis-information they behold
And then they can create an afghan for me when I sleep in the street and it’s cold
I have had enough of these morons with their mixed up morals and speech
And when my girlfriend washes that afghan I’ll remind her not to use bleach

In any event these fu**ing fools talk far too fast 
But it’s information that’s never meant to last
I look at these jerk offs with damnation and disdain
You know, the half-wits who ain’t got even half a brain
          © 2011.…..~free cee!~