Written by: Janette Fisher

He came from a galaxy light-years away
On a secret mission was he
Sent by his leader, to land on the earth
To report on what he could see

He landed his craft, then hid it away
And started his trek round the world
Travelling with pencil and journal
To record all events that unfurled

Before him, along his journey
So when he returned, to face his boss
He could use it as an ‘aide memoire’
And no small detail would be lost

He trekked from country to country
East to West, and North to South
From continent to continent, pole to pole
Living from hand to mouth

Taking years, to complete his journey
He eventually returned to his ship
And took off into space, to his leader
To tell him about his trip

He recounted of greed and of hunger
Of wealth and poverty
Of man making war on each other
Of corruption and tyranny

Of using the earths resources
Without giving thought, or a care
His boss listening, quietly, thought to himself
‘Why on earth did I put man there?’

But his herald, continued on with his tale
With a change in the tone of his voice
And as he spoke, the words he said
Made his leaders heart rejoice

As he told of the myriad of earthlings
On his travels, that he’d met
About how their warmth and kindness
Was something, he’d never forget

For although itinerant, they’d taken him in
To their homes, as a welcomed guest
They had given him food and water
And a bed for him to rest

That there were earthlings who went the extra
Mile to help others, which made him glad
And that taken generally,  on the whole
The earth’s good, outweighed the bad

“Thank you Gabriel, for your report”
Said the Boss, with a smile on his face
“But we’ll still send a UFO down now and then,
Just to keep and eye on the place!”