Magic and Dragons

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Red, golden and shimmering
bright, my scales protect
my heart and soul from harm.
Fire brews within my belly
increasing in strength and
perverse temperature able
to melt any element that
bares home to this earth.
My fangs are as long as a
man’s arm able to tear
limb from limb.
Regardless of my fierce
appearance I am blessed
with the gift of magic
for I am a dragon destined
to protect.
Magic flows through my veins
like the blood my heart pumps,
it radiates from within my soul
like a halo above an angel present
in all works of art.
Magic is powerful and easily 
darkened in the wrong hands; spite
is thus created and magic is then
cursed by many.
But I am a dragon destined to
create a harmonious world despite
the fear I provoke; magic is a
remedy for such incurable 
As light turns to dark setting
free the spirits of the night
magic is at its best for it
creates the stars and the many
wishes that are cast upon them;
imagination is precious.
Magic beholds the power to
let imagination become dreams
and dreams to reality,
but still I am a dragon destined
to protect regardless of common