Flashbacks of a Fool

Written by: Kimberly LaRocca

Why did I think
it was normal to scream
Hearing my name cursed
couldn't be that mean

Broken doors
Shattered dreams
Not as bad as it seems

Why did I think
It was what I deserved
That I didn't
have the right
to put my feelings first

Why did I
let you change
who I was
Didn't I know
That's not what love does

Just glad to now know
I did what I had to do
flashbacks of a fool

It still hurts
my pride today
Just knowing
I let you
hurt me that way

Why wasn't I
smarter than love
Shouldn't I have known
It's not what love does

Just glad I did
What I needed to do
Ecstatic that
I didn't lose me
trying to love you

Its funny because
I knew deep down
we were through
There could never be
a complete me
when that me is loving you
Flashbacks of a fool