A confession to a bartender

Written by: Prince Ekpemandu

A confession to the 
The one with the drink in 
her hand
The one who looks just 
like my bottle...
A glass would do
Or make it two
So i can pour out my 
heart to you...
So i can make my 
bitterness come 
You remind me of my 
The only difference is 
 your are tenderness
You never took my heart 
the way she did
you never played me the 
way she did....
She was everything to 
That's why i took her to 
where i would be
Somewhere dark where 
no eyes can see
Somewhere i could meet 
her again....
Somewhere she won't 
hurt me again.....
My secrets i give to to 
you my bartender......
Secrets of a large dark 

CONTEST; confessions to 
a bartender
by; Natalie :) The Rogue