Written by: susan viscione

I chose a career in grooming, of course,
and went at it with total force,
the days are long, and stressfull, of course,
but a career without passion, to me,
would be much worse,
As I look into this senior dogs eyes,
I see nobility,
and that she's wise,
comfortable in her fur and skin,
and the world in which she lives,
Golden Retriever, is her breed,
she's a beauty, yes indeed,
Rosie on my grooming table,
her age is ten,
yet she's very able,
I'm a groomer trying for perfection, 
blow drying her golden red fur,
section by section,
Rosie makes a leap of action,
off the grooming table,
she shoots me up a look,
of total satisfaction,
for me, this makes my days worth while,
to see her inner canine smile.