The Moon

Written by: Matt Daniels

The shimmering light,
Casting over.
Sending bright vibes to all surroundings.
Looking down upon the world itself,
Watching as things grow old,
Watching as things die out,
Reborn itself.
The globe in the sky,
Full of mystery,
Seeking more conflict by the minute.
Positioning itself to be known,
Getting smaller,
As it hides itself behind the floating fogs.

Fighting for more power,
As it leads the darkness to turn over.
Steam casting over,
Making everything dim.
Stars shooting acorss the demoned lands,
Filled with agony, and pain.
Making wishes,
That never seem to come true.
A pleasure of joy,
Running through the grounds blood stream,
Flowing with more of a flow then anything.
Ah' Yes,
Sending thrills to everyone of you,
Living, or non-living.