Land's End

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

"Land's End" All at once & with such Very Great Flair ~ So's no-one would notice what'd really taken Place~ SeaWolf & his Wench grabbed a wild Notion from thin Sea Air~ That with which they'd figured nary a Soul could keep Pace~ Off to the Hills & the Highlands they did calmly Go~ Where the Whisky was White & the Winds didn't Blow~ Some said they were shirking the responsibilities of the Sea~ Yet others claimed they had decided times had a Changed~ Only the Wench & her Captain did'st want to be left Free~ For the times were a changin' on the Seas they had Ranged~ Into the Hills they toured with Gusto & Force~ Leaving their Oceans with no sense of Remorse~ SeaWolf carried a Great Sabre from the Ship~ Wench did'st carry Herself well & with a Keen Step~ Bullwhip coiled & hanging from His Hip~ SeaWolf & the Wench knew Naught of their Wild Rep~ The boys of the Highlands did'st drink what they Could~ The Wench stood well and drank from Barrels of Wood~ Mountain girls of the Clan went down One by One~ Mountain men did their best to outdo her Man~ Neither was standing at each Fall of the Sun~ SeaWolf & the Wench outdrank the whole Clan~ Then came a night when the Winds did'st Howl~ Wench & her Captain were now on the Prowl~ The boys from the Hills gathered in Force~ The girls lifted their skirts in Provocative Dare~ With Bullwhip & Sabre SeaWolf beat 'em all back of Course~ And the Wench She just Laughed at the Girls with Arses Bare~ From those Mountains they took naught but that which they'd Brung~ Then deciding that those damned hills were filled with smelly Dung~ Back to the Waters they Raced as the Seas did'st Compel~ Finding all was as they'd left it & so much in the same State~ Yet better still now was a'Raging a Wild Wind named Michelle~ So did'st they both know this was but so truly their Fate~ Setting Great Sails once again & into the Winds of the North~ Did'st SeaWolf & his Wild Wench again sally Forth~ Once encompassed by the Turmoil o'the Seas & Great Wind~ SeaWolf & the Wild Wench looked themselves squarely in the Eye~ For at that moment they knew what truly was to them surely kin~ Still the lands o'the Earth would be a'waitin' Bye & Bye~ Now riding those Gales and Winds of Hurricane Force~ Taking Michelle back to Sea as fast as they could Rage~ For all Three knew that this was for them the best Course~ Their time for the Land as yet had not come of Age! SeaWolf ©