Our Eternal Mother

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Every day is different but the 
cycle of day and night remain
the same.
Some may say that happiness
is made and not given but
many are deprived of this
Seas and oceans are both
dominated by moving energy
and thus waves are born,
but stillness is never far
The very essence of life
itself is some times
masked by our selfish
nature; we take but rarely
give back.
Regardless of our very nature
life continues on even if we
are gone from this earth.
Some say death is a burden
but it is part of life; we are
born and then taken away
however it may be.
History repeats itself, like a
broken record unable to 
move on to the next chorus
of song.
Still words are eternal however
how it is done; songs, writing,
hieroglyphs or even prehistoric
art, they all project meaning and 
one of many may become part
of the puzzle still to be discovered
for life has many secrets yet to
be shared among the souls of this
earth; eternal and alight like
the sun and stars held by
the invisible hands of our