A Gift Of White

Written by: Paula Swanson

My pure white pumpkin,
well, maybe more a gourd,
was given to me, free.
Now that, I can afford!

I mustn't waste this gift,
for it came from the heart.
I'll plan it out well,
before I even start.

An eye hole goes here,
then a sinister sneer.
A carved scar or two,
maybe even pointed ears.

No!  That's not right.
It seems so common,
for just one night,
to scare some hob-goblins.

Ah, I know just what I'll do,
to enjoy this sweet gift.
Here on the table, it will sit,
to give my centerpiece a lift.

I'll add colorful leaves,
some nuts and twigs.
A few Indian corn.
Now, not too big.

Turn the white pumpkin,
to show its topknot.
Its personality shows,
in its honorary spot.

Through Halloween
and in to November,
this Fall decoration,
I'll always remember.

For the contest; "What No Orange Pumpkin"
sponsored by Carol Brown