Help the Weak

Written by: Christina Milford

Help the Weak (Cries of the un-fathered) I hear the cries of children, dispossessed Of fathers - and mothers - they are bereft Cries that cut to the heart and soul Of infants and toddlers – hearts growing cold The cycle of sin has many fruits borne So even the young feel tired and worn Lord, where is the healing of which you speak? What price must we pay to help the weak? Your answer comes, it’s plain to see Stay in My Presence and out of that – be The answer you seek to help the weak Is in the Word my Body speaks Words of peace and sweet release That cause men’s faith to rise with ease Words of courage, wise and sweet Words that get men on their feet Words creating wealth and peace Sweetening life as turmoil cease And fathers once more fathers be Protectors of the seed they see.