Pumpkin Cheesecake

Written by: Annalee Pierce

What a conundrum By this, I mean the thought of You You tickle at my taste buds Take me hostage, by death of sweet Tooth Can you even stand to blame me When for so long, I've been Lonely? I hate to be such A girl, but I miss the sense of Touch He used to sneak up behind me, laughing "Guess who?" as he covered up My eyes But I don't quite miss him so much As I miss his affection, as I miss being the focus of Attention Is that so wrong, To want something to cozy up with on A freezing, mist- filled morning? You Scream comfort, like the bear I've had Since I was three And with just a hint of spice You beckon me Into your steamy sauna, fog loosening my Dress Afterwards, you cover me with your Own jacket, unlike the smelly hoodie In my closet that was His (That I just don’t have the heart, Though it’s been months, To throw away) So for now, I’ll just pretend that I’m not staring At this plate, imagining the Person I could create if you were once personified Food is the best aphrodisiac And Looking at you, I know I can’t go back Because I have to wait for someone Real to make me feel this way Someone quite like you, pumpkin cheesecake