A World Of Love And Sharing

Written by: joselito aspirin

This world is but a dream,
Of things worth dreaming of,
Though some of them we see we have,
Still they  do pass by like  dreams,

For in this world the things we have,
Goes forth in a span of time,
Even our dear precious lives,
All will be gone good to none,

'cos all we have is but a dream,
Of a real enduring world,
That's yet to come and  stands to last,
Forever aged not getting old,

While we're still here it's yet a dream,
All the things  we see we own,
For all of them from us will part,
All their worth good as unknown,

But when they part as shares to others,
Others we call as brothers and sisters,
Then let that dream be worth recurring,
Good as new day in the morning,

This present world we live,
Is all but just a dream,
Of  a better world worth of living,
A world of love and sharing,