Unusual Fervour

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

Unusual Fervour

The first time I saw you I was on fire,
Your looks sparked off a burning desire,
This made my heart to explode,
which allowed my inner intent to unfold.

Since then,I have longed to hold you close,
to care and cherish you with love overdose,
For your attitude and good nature;I cannot be dissuaded,
which has made my pain and sorrow to have faded.

Your smiles send sweet vibes down my spine,
which made me dream of angels and wine,
Your succulent lips look kissable from afar,
making my desire strong and thick like coal tar.

I cannot hold myself because of this fervour;
You are the only one that can  be my saviour,
Let me touch and hug you just a little,
so as to allow this fervid tension to settle.

Mere watching your movement arouse my inner spark,
which glows like crystals of diamond in the dark,
This pleasant feeling is strong,intriguing and killing,
no choice,but to continue in this passionate cruising.