Written by: Clarence Billheimer

S is for the Savior dear; He came down to save us.
A is for atoning blood on the cross He gave us.
L is for the love He showed to all folks, all nations.
What a wondrous gift this is:  God’s free gift salvation!

V is for the victory from death’s conquering power.
A is for all that we have from that victory hour.
T is for the truth that lives in God’s great creation.
What a wondrous truth it is:  God’s free gift salvation!

I is for inviting call that the Savior’s giving.
O for opportunity you have while you’re living.
N for now, oh take this gift, what a true foundation
Is the gift He’s given to us, God’s free gift salvation!

Salvation is yours today if you’ll just receive it.
There’s no work for you to do, just by faith believe it.
Jesus waits to hear you call; He is pleading sweetly.
He will cleanse your sins away and save you completely.

	These words written to “Good King Wenceslas.”