Come And See

Written by: Clarence Billheimer

Come, see the garden tomb where Jesus lay,
Come, see His body is not there today!
Come, see the heavy stone He rolled away,
Come, see that Jesus is alive to stay!
He died upon Golgotha’s hill, all His blood for us He spilled,
And the heavens darkened as His Father would not hearken.
He paid the price that sinners can be free,
Now He’s alive, He’s won the victory!
Shout out the message loud and free:
Jesus rose for you and me, oh, my friend, please come and see!

Come, hear the hope we have that some glad day
We from the cold, dark ground will fly away!
Come, hear the message clear He gave to see:
“Death has been swallowed up in victory!”
We have a hope because He lives that to us one day He’ll give
A brand new body, perfect, holy, clean, and godly.
Oh, what a day that that is going to be
When we forever more from sin are free!
Shout out the message loud and free:
There is hope for you and me if we’ll only come and see!

These words written to “More.”