Written by: Jessica Arteaga

I'm starting to think that
Listening; vibrations of sound traveling into my ear
Jumble inside my head and my mouth speaks:
Oh dear

... Is starting to become a bothersome application
Could I delete it?
The qualm of your voice
Memory of choice
The ever wishing thought of a happily ever after
But age has shown us that we should learn to write our own chapters

Or maybe just a 
Misdirection of conception
Interpretation of the incorrect question

As if Giovanni Schiaparelli wrote the outline wrong
And now the summary would be believed as phantom physics
And that very idea makes my synapsis re-visit


Time's Up

How nice the thought
Of my own thoughts to go and interrupt
I was thinking of something
That turned into something
That wasn't the something before

But isn't that what we are trying for?

Not to remember anymore...