Wolfman falls in Love

Written by: Valerie Sherman

Crisp night swirls leaves thru the air, the message's in the wind.
Something weird has happened today, the wolfman's  in a spin.
He stopped by the vet who washed and detangled all his hair
Cut and snipped his ragged nails - not much, while he was there.
As he skated around the corner to pick up a new dog chain
He stopped by the groomer, who cleaned and polished his fangs.
Tonight he's meeting someone special what else could he think of-
Besides, the leaves had carried it, the Wolfman had fallen in love.

A ghost at the counter spooked, “You’ve been weird since noon”
Wolfman said nothing simply stared at time in the moon.
In a huff he said “On this special day I simply cannot be late-
Meeting  someone at midnight- by the cemetery gate”.
Then he remembered he must stop- pick up fresh  flowers-
A new resident's in the grave yard, only been there a few hours.
Eagerly he reached the cemetery, inhaled the smokey breeze-
Movements of the night –the swaying of the leafless trees.
The bats began serenading - with the owls from the sky right above
Again the leaves were right- the wolfman has fallen  in love.

Valerie Sherman