kidnapped reality enforced

Written by: John Castro

a girl a child a life of 12 years 
a by stander an innocent with no sense of fear 

coerced, bribed, begged and beckoned 
kidnapped, stolen, beaten and threatened 

the thoughts now that run deep through her head 
is how soon will they find me or soon will i be dead

he gags her, he ties her, he drives her to his lair of death 
her heart, her soul, her mind will soon be at rest 

he picks her up and puts her in a cold damp room 
shes scared as she shivers and ponders her doom 

he needs her so he feeds her as he keeps her alive 
so he takes her and he rapes her for his sexual thrive 

as daylight draws near and the sun starts to rise 
all you see are dry tears that flowed from her eyes 

with bruises and cuts and blood from her thighs 
she was pure no more in her killers eyes 

he despised and hated what she had become 
unknowingly ignoring what he himself done 

his anger and temper begin to arise 
as he contemplates death for this young girls demise 

he cuts off the cord from the lamp on the desk 
he strangles and chokes her until her very last breath 

then he drives her and dumps her small body to rest 
the next morning they find her with a note on her neck