Technologys Click

Written by: Stacey Behal

Computers are our latest technology,
There flies names such as Dell, Mac, and the 'soon to be's',
Learning each link leads to a page,
Learning each button could lead you astray.
As a computer holds more than thoughts as our head,
As the times moving forward there's Ipads and laptops instead of lead.
No longer is it a must to use paper and pencil,
Just click the button as the light turns red like a bull.
A background pops up so blue as teh sky,
Get a helper if not accustomed to the way Americans' fly.
Fly right into the program labeled start,
Picking each letter;each word apart.
Making files and softwares to pull money in,
Making internet and motums for companies to progress;to win.
The machine has a mind of its' own,
But the witholder can control all seen;all shown.
So grab a mouse or use the tip of your finger,
A click away you are from viewing the latests singer.
Clicking each question straight into the latest search engine,
If there's any junk, in the right corners a bin.
Saving memories of photos deep down in each chip,
No more type writers where the paper you flip.
The years add on each 365th day,
Guding each person a step into play. 
Communicating through white pages of writing, 
Typing in  2 dimension with no space to sing,
To sing a tune of teh pitch of each word,
Although a computer can't tell you the feeling needing to be heard.