The Shadows Vision

Written by: Stacey Behal

Roses lay on the balocony,
Looking out the window she sees,
Red; the color of love,
White;For patience of the dove.
Her dress flows from the breeze of the fan on the floor,
Through his vision he sees her down to the core.
She lurks around the cornor so quick,
She takes off for this man has a tick.
A tick of a mind so profoundly insane, 
Made a vision of this woman so dull;so plain.
He found love from one time of seeing her,
She walked away; his vision became sure.
The shadow follows close by,
She decided to lie.
"I have someone in my life", shes says loud as it echoes,
"Leave me alone for I met you at one of my shows."
His vision still set,
Her heart was torn;as a net.
The shadow found his end,
She lays with roses right around the bend.
Red;the color of blood,
White;The color of above.