I Thought I told you Imma Star

Written by: Stacey Behal

Bright Lights;big crowd,
Bouncing beats for the music's loud,
Fist pumping to the sound,
Lyrics happening so fast;so profound.
Soak it in for it's reality,
Opening your eyes to see.
See that the words of each remedy,
Take off for flight to flee.
Back and forth; heads ar flowin',
They come back getting doe and blowin',
Tell a s story so deep;so real.
Not all get into each word or the love appeal.
Pretty ladies dancing low,
Putting on the show.
For what the visions set to be,
Is becoming known for more that just the letters M.E.
Stars become dreams,
Celeberties stand with lightening beams.
Stars roll by so fly,
Repping cities getting by so sly.
Sly from pasts hard to imagine for some,
Realizing they've got thee story and their job is no where close to being done.