A Mans' Best Friend

Written by: Stacey Behal

There's life in most everything,
Choosing how to care for it and what to bring.
This can be a path of its own,
If treated wrong the relationship will be torn.
So as a mans' best friend,
Take it for a walk around teh bed.
For it's a dog but learns from his master,
Giving it a name like Ginger or Baxter.
Choose how to raise him and teach him tricks,
As for some like balls thrown or fetching sticks.
Others stay in so small,
Or just until they learn to stand tall.
So learn teh personality each day,
Or he may run- becoming a stray.
A stray who wants to be loved,
Not ignored or shoved.
Shoved into their kennel more and more,
Trust me he'll learn which way opens the door.
Don't let him become free,
Just be the master you'd want him to be.
For a mans' best friend makes mistakes,
This is why we have fish and lakes.