Land Away

Written by: Stacey Behal

Getting away from technology,
These days can be far from reality.
But as we need time away,
Leaving everyday life becoming astray.
Astray to anything around us,
It's a different type of rush.
Knowing the branches and sand,
Are the main things in sight on land.
To keep on to surive you'll need a helping hand.
Surrounded by water around,
As the waves hit the beach;giving off a soft sound.
Looking for shells the hide,
Looking across the river;with no ride.
No ride back to reality
Being out here; only worrying about me.
Cooking over the first so hot by hand,
Cooking things that are filled with sand.
But as we're here life becomes so real,
Looking at the sky as we break the seal.
What life brings begins to sink,
Sink in remember the little things,
As we roll back to town reality sets in;stings.