Good-bye Christian Friends

Written by: Linda Etling

Good-bye is never good-bye,
when it comes to Christian friends
We are a family for eternity
shortly parting where life sends

For we all are on a journey
The same homeward path we lead
On this earth it’s only temporary
till in Heaven we all will be

So when life sends us onward
and for awhile we say good-bye
We have no need for sadness
for soon we’ll meet again on high

Time on earth is just a moment
Going so fast these days it seems
Soon we all will be together
singing praises to our King

Hopefully we will see you soon
Just up around the bend
We’ll pray for you and write you,
know we love you so, dear friend!

For good-byes are never good-byes
when it comes to Christian friends
Christ is soon to call us all “Come Home”
where Christian friendships never end.

So dear friend ~ till we meet again
Somewhere on those golden shores
May Gods Grace forever follow you
till Good-byes we’ll say no more!