Untitled Poem

Written by: Marianne Nolido

trying to believe it's true.
finding a way if it can let me break through.
I thought it was easy.
i thought happiness would last, and it sounds silly.

i wake up and find myself thinking.
while walking,the sound of my heart beating.
the wind pass through me.
the scent of love, am i it's only key?

At night, while gazing at the stars,
wondering if it's the cause of these scars..
At first, it felt great, like flying.
like a feather drops and a bomb exploding.

feeling this now, it's like hoping for the mountains to move.
stealing the skies to the sun, will trust be enough to prove?
waiting for hope and trust to collide,
Fearless in this path, will fear be my guide?

is the reason enough to let me breathe?
will i smile or will my days be full of griefs?
no one told me that it can be forbidden,
maybe,it's simply me that has mistaken.