Assurance of Love

Written by: Marianne Nolido

 Feelin so down,
after watchin the clouds in this lonely town.
What's beneath those stars?
are there wishes that reaches beyond our planet's bars?

Im livin in this galaxy,
holding my breath for another mystery.
making my way through history,
asking for an amazing love story.

just waiting for that spark to shine.
calling unto the Universe & to the next boy who'll be mine.
puzzled in this maze again,
wanting for the clock to reach 10.

I shouldn't be bothered,
He can find one for me, someone that can be treasured.
He'll fix the time & date for that beginning.
and the perfect place for our happy ending.

like a kid, I just need to wait.
that story He'll create about fate.
It'll be an assurance of love,
to wait for someone you want to have.