So just let me

Written by: Marianne Nolido

Walking just a little while,
staring just a little bit.
hoping in my heart you'll find,
the love that can never be confide.

Hold my hand for just a sec.
I'll let you feel my heart that beats.
look into my eyes you'll see
the story about you & me.

So let me sing the song I sing,
You'll hear the melody of love.
So let me write a poem to you,
You'll know how much Im in love w/ you.

So let me glance at the stars tonight
I'll wait till the sun will rise.
And let me feel the wind each day,
It's a way to go back in time.
So just let me.

Every time it rains outside,
just listen to the lullaby.
hold me tight & don't let go.
whisper that you love me so.
So just let me. <3