Weary Night

Written by: Marianne Nolido

What do I feel?
It's His smile that I want to steal.
Why do I still feel the loneliness?
I just need someone's caress.

My heart is pounding,
In this weary night, my tears falling.
Can someone hear this cry?
All I ever remember was your sweet goodbye.

Is fate too cruel?
Why does it allow my emotions to dwell?
So now, I'm calling unto the stars,
Hear me out, Heal my heart's wounds and scars.

I've been lonely for years,
find someone who can wipe these tears.
Erase the bad memories for me,
And allow me to really see.

Oh cold weary night,
let me see the real light.
And let me sleep tonight,
But let my only dream hold me tight.

This is me calling unto the brightest star,
I'm the girl that watches you from afar.
I know that this world is wide to find that certain guy,
But let me have that chance to know why love is the reason why.