About A girl

Written by: Marianne Nolido

Those Innocent eyes,
her wide smiles.
Her beautiful voice,
She's his only choice.

Her sweet caress,
her sweet reply.
Always listening to that lullaby,
the scent of love as she pass by.

That long hair,
she's always been there.
Mystery in her eyes,
Avoiding all those lies.

You'd see that different glow,
A person In love will know.
Nothing but laughter,
her days has always been brighter.

But that one particular day,
changed her in many ways.
How can this be?
And what did she see?

It's because of that guy,
All those words & sweet lie.
He made her believe,
And now the pain wont leave.

She's always been there,
She never complained, she would always bear.
She didn't compel her love,
to the skies or to the Heavens above.

Now her eyes are full of tears,
Because of the pain and all those fears.
What can change her back?
Was it something that she'd lack?

But time flies and she's now healed.
Those wounds,those scars, it will all be sealed.
Maybe she'll never be the same,
because of the pain and shame.

But she now knows what to do,
with all those twists & turns that made her blue.
Time made her wiser,
and her experiences made her stronger.

 As she starts her new beginning,
She'll find that feeling that's never ending.
She's not that girl anymore,
She's sure,because now, she's just so much more.