My Best friend

Written by: lily lloyd

When im with anyone else,
I don’t feel like I do,
When im laughing right beside,
Bubby you. 

Your my warmth when im cold, 
The happiness when im sad,
Your my companion when im alone,
The good to my bad.

Even though we are opposites,
You are like my secret twin,
When Im about to lose,
You make me feel I can win.

You know my weaknesses,
You know my strengths,
You know that for you,
I would go to any lengths.

I whisper my secrets,
Into your ear,
And you let me know,
I should not fear.

Our love is strong,
As friends and sisters,
Nothing can destroy our friendship,
Not even cyclones or twisters.

With a pure soul,
And a good heart,
You let me know,
We will never be apart.

I count myself lucky,
To have a friend like you,
Because without Bianca,
I wouldn’t know what to do.