Do you know the card board man

Written by: Valerie Sherman

Do you know the card board man?
his resume's in plain view.
He pushes his house from here
to there seeking help from you.
At the rising of his sun he begins
his journey by foot- which is his ride.
Tell me do you know this man
he seems to have lost his pride.
This is the man you over look
he stands on the top of the street.
With business card in his hands
his worn miles show on his feet?

When he was strong he fought 
your enemies- lest you do forget.
Now he's called 'the card board man'
when indeed he's a honored vet.
But, because he's so tattered and dirty 
you think that he simply cannot feel. 
resentment that you have for him 
all he wants is food perhaps a hot meal. 
Then at the setting of his sun he 
gathers his house in his cart.
Prays perhaps tomorrow he'll eat
as his resume touches some heart.