My Rose

Written by: Caleb Schmitt

My Rose
To be honest I'm obsessed with the rose
The way its beauty shines and petals pose
I love its violet red shade truly,
though its thorns can make one so unruly
oh the beauty of a rose
I am almost drawn to the way it's shaped
The way the petals fall down from its drapes
and oh how I'm pulled to what it once meant
That passion, that love, and lust... now I'm bent.
On the glories of the rose
But my rose is much more than a flower,
It is my love, my will, and my power.
To survive a world which is full of pains!
And prosper in such with many more gains,
Oh the love I have for the rose
Thus for now I am left with just the stem,
broken hearted, with no petals, so grim.
Till the day she finds her way back to me, 
thus my petals shall bloom stronger you see...
Because my rose and me... are truly meant to be