Written by: Sahitya Poonacha

I am invisible
To most people
I'm a shadow
That they easily miss
I don't need attention
To me silence is bliss
My thoughts are free 
I'm not held back
But, to the world 
I'm withdrawn
Someone who's lost the right track
I'm not scared
But, that's what they think
I'm not lonely
But, that's what they see
You found me
In my little haven
A place for myself and me
You didn't judge me
Didn't assume you knew
What was going on
Didn't push me to come out
But tried to understand
That's why I'll take your hand
And follow
Wherever you go
You might be wrong
You might be right
I don't know
I might be invisible
To most people
But to you
I'm visible
And that's why
I let myself be seen
Only by you
Because you see me
Without questions and doubts
You accept I am this
You don't change who I am
You know
Without what I am
I'm not me.