She Walks

Written by: Debbie Duncan

"She walks between this world and that............ 

  Searching but never  finding 
  though she goes on anyway
  hoping ,,against all  hope
  The smell of the wind will tell you 
  She is out there searching away 
  Moaning winds blow across the lands

  As the smell of her perfume pass's by
   It tell's you she's out there searching  

 As shadows float across the moonlit skies 
 Her tear drops drip as though they were 
 midnight thunderstorms plummeting down 

She was all of 16 when she took his name 
It was the war that took him from her that day 
 She had no idea till she seen the headstone 

She had came to sit beside her mother's grave
She had loved to sit there like that all day 
There was a crow that just wouldn't go away  

As she turned to tell it to leave her sight 
She caught the name that was engraved  
She touches the headstone and weeps
As she walks between this world and that
       Forever more !!!!!