Do you remember

Written by: Andrew Nashat

Remember those days when we used to sit for hours and talk my dear?
Remember those everlasting nights when we just used to stare at each other my dear?
Remember those evenings when we used to take our long walks on the beach my dear?
Remember those days my dear?

I remember the days when all we wanted to do was be together,
I remember the days when all we wanted to do was be there for each other,
I remember the days when all we did was reminisce our childhood memories,
I remember those days my dear.

But that was a long time ago my dear,
I barely know who we are anymore,
I’ve lost my sight of what it was that I saw in us,
I’m beginning to feel your warmth leave me my dear.

I really wish you were still here close to me,
I really wish you still knew how much I love you,
I really wish you knew how much you mean to me,
I really wish you’ll come back to me my dear.

Why did we change my dear?
Why is there a block of ice forming between us?
Why have we lost everything we had in common?
Why are walking two different paths now my dear?

How I wish we could go back to the way we were,
The time when I knew you were the perfect one for me,
The time when we knew nothing could separate us,
Do you remember those days my dear?