In this now

Written by: Jennifer Ratcliffe

The grove stole my soul
and put it on a pathway
to display
the beauty of family.

The roads stole my escape,
and the trains piss me off.
The waves are far too far away,
and each day
is simply a day.

Anger gone to anguish,
the sap of circumstance,
the forgotten chance
to be

Carry me home, I want the drugs,
Get the scales, throw the food,
drink the lottery, but don't leave me here.
Go back and disappear,
Go back and appear.

If I give you a smile,
will you give me a job?
Just get on and be sound
with the way I'll be drowned.

This is it, this is it, this is i-t
this is this is this is this is this is
and what.