What do you see



What do you see when our eyes chance to meet?
A wizened old woman; a mouth void of teeth?
No heavenly body, no long flowing curls 
Just a gnarled, barren landscape remains of the girl.

Can’t you see her so young; with wings on her feet?
Her beauty arresting, to all she would meet.
A heart filled with joy, and mirth overflowing
Created from love for giving, bestowing.

See the hopeful young beau’s falling down at her feet
In droves they would fight for her hand - None she’d keep,
Until that rogue Billy swaggered right into town
Knowing the bounty was there to be found.

That one sided smile, the slick curly hair
She stood not one chance to resist this affair.
She was there for the taking, her eyes told her truth;
For this handsome of heroes she’d pledge life and love

Trusting their love to natural existence
Their lives now determined by the full power of “Kismet”,
Assuring warm sunshine, while showers may prevail 
So their love could be fruitful;  or rot in the rain!
Martha and Billy and Jodie and Ben
 Holly and Kitty and twin boys and then…
The fruits of their love, a passion ne’er spent
As for Billy, the “Hero” ……….- true to the end

So when by chance our eyes meet and this gnarled figure you see,
Pause a while, take your time Nurse - Do you see the real me?