My Fate

Written by: Melissa Ross

Raped dreams,
Tacit screams,
Youth stolen from behind,
Warped ideas in a mind,
Drinks drown,
Every frown,
That erases the positivity,
Defaces the liability,
One feels,
Film reels,
Could play this life out,
While it curves on the route,
Freedom reigns,
Depressing rains,
Fall amongst the soul,
Craving self-control,
From emotions defeating,
This mind’s repeating,
Mantras for a brighter day,
Blackened rains wash away,
In a lifetime of infinite decisions,
And common slim-lined incisions,
Which path to walk,
How to begin to talk,
About this urge,
To purge,
Myself of affliction,
Complete addiction,
To the words that feel,
The words that seal,
My fate;