The Sun, the Moon and Her

Written by: Mathieu de Casanove

Curse the Sun for its demise
She was only seventeen
	but so much older than the rest
She knew naiveté
She knew it did not last
She sold up on the girl
	and gave a woman's glance
Then the world was a token
The stars bitter broken
She gave to levity
To dam the damned from running free

How dare the blinding Sun rise
She was only twenty-one
	with more future than a past
She looked up and she looked low
She paced the present fast
Then the earth stood still
The stars became a thrill
She took from far below
Where nakedness and shadows grow

The Moon soothed the Sun's lies
	and gave a glow of what had been
She could flee but didn't run
She was only twenty-three
	Let her hear.
	Let her see.
	Let her feel.
	Let her be.