Written by: Melissa Ross

I’ll coax your swollen shoulders,
With hands strong as boulders,
Lay next to me,
Where you need to be,
With touch comes true bliss,
I bathe in your delicate kiss,
Ponder the next,
In this story’s text/
What color the light will be,
When you open yourself to me,
Sweat-dripped skin will press,
While your jaw I’ll caress,
I crave your trust,
Though I must,
My decision,
With precision/
Long-lost friend,
Returned again,
Come to see me,
Amazed by beauty,
We’ll take a nature walk,
And have a deeper talk,
Sip our drink,
With time to think/
A fellow wordsmith,
Working out a riff,
Rolling in green,
Like we’re a team,
Then perspiration,
Let’s work it out/
I’ll always pout,
We all have skeletons in our closet,
This one’s mine.