Written by: Melissa Ross

I rock-
Birkenstock tan lines,
Crisp poetic rhymes,
Life and strife cannot compare,
To this internal cross I bear,
I give my whole soul to this earth,
This true fate since my day of birth,
I’ve contemplated death,
With alcohol on my breath,
I know the emotion,
Of losing someone so close,
The notion,
Of their suffering stings,
Your chest,
And what’s best,
Is never how you feel,
Changed and distressed,
But I passed that test,
The future burns bright,
A pure stream of light,
Content is forbidden,
Joy is sought,
And brought,
The adventurous mind,
The outwardly kind,
No fast forward,
No rewind,
I signed-
Onto a tough path,
Of impossible math,
I’m still on the ride,
Taking all in stride,
I fear the stars,
And life on mars,
But I drive-
To destiny in a foreign place,
To a faceless lover’s warm embrace,
I push toward-
Going forward-
Living each moment,
For the moment,
When I can say,
I’m more than ok.